Fisher-Price Power Plus SpaceSaver Cradle ‘n Swing

The Fisher-Price Power Plus SpaceSaver Cradle ‘n Swing – A Delightful Way to Soothe Your Childfisher price powe plus spacesaver cradle 'n swing

If you want to provide your baby with the comfort and entertainment he or she needs without investing in too many toys, swings or cradles, the Fisher-Price Power Plus SpaceSaver Cradle ‘n swing is probably the perfect choice to consider.
This delightful little portable swing comes with a compact design, comfy seating, intelligent swinging motions and an excellent set of toys and sounds that will keep your little one entertained for hours.

Main Features of the Swing

The Fisher-Price product is a low-cost alternative to a full sized cradle swing that will provide you with all the necessary benefits, while keeping only 40% of the size you’d normally get with bulkier, more expensive models.

Lightweight, portable and easy to adjust, it comes to two different swing motions, a plush fabrics and a sturdy folding frame design promoting both safety and convenience.

You also get 6 different speeds, so you can adjust the cradle and swing to the settings your baby feels most comfortable with, and the rich variety of soothing nature sounds, as well as the enchanting overhead toys are present to keep your little one happy under any circumstance.

Pros & Cons

The Fisher-Price Power Plus SpaceSaver Cradle ‘n Swing has a lot going for it, with time-tested advantages recognized by experts and buyers alike:

  • You’ll find that the seat looks and feels quite comfortable;
  • The whole product takes up a lot less space than most portable swings;
  • It can easily be carried from room to room or stored in the car when you have to take your baby with you at a short notice;
  • The swing comes with both AC power and battery operation for your convenience;
  • Setup is quite easy, and the swing is perfectly user-friendly.

Nothing is perfect, so there is a slightly negative point you might want to know about:

  • For safety reasons and energy saving, the sounds and swing don’t stay on indefinitely, the time limits being 20 minutes for the music options and about 4 hours for the swing;

Buyer Experience – Is It Worth the Cost?

When comparing it with other cradles, baby swings and bouncers, most buyers have said the price for this unit is quite accessible, especially considering the many additional features it presents, as well as its sturdiness and portability related benefits.

According to some, it’s actually the best baby swing available at this price, and the deep seat, comfy cushioning and soothing music settings are among their favorite reasons for buying it.

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A Cute Multi-Purpose Swing

The wide array of uses that this cradle and swing has to offer makes it an ideal choice especially for young couples who may have less time and available spacing for keeping their little ones feeling happy, comfy and safe, especially when on the go.

Also, if your baby likes to have a special, magical place for naps, fun and exciting make believe adventures, while keeping their loving parents close, the Fisher-Price Power Plus is probably one of the best portable cradle swings that money can buy.